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Welcome to Woodbury Park Bears. The bears are delighted you have come for a visit. This is where all new Woodbury Park Bears are born. The designs are created by hand with much love and attention to detail. It's easy to adopt a bear simply by using the paypal buttons on the available page. There is a gallery of old friends that have gone to hugs all over the world.  We hope you enjoy your visit and return often to see new creations. Thank you for visiting.


About Raewyn

Raewyn has been creating Woodbury Park Bears since 2007. Like many bear artists she was and still is a collector of artist bears. She has lost count of the number of bears she has made since then but there are still many more waiting to be birthed.  Raewyns bears have appeared in media outlets both published and internet based   "it is an absolute thrill and pleasure to see your creations out there and have collectors be interested in your work".

  Raewyn lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales with her supportive husband and daughter , two canine companions, a cranky 17 year old cat and a new addition kitten. Raewyn simply adores them all.